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Measuring Stillness: Quantum Dharma

anchor4.jpg First, I want to say a huge thank you for everyone's patience. Hallelujah! that the issue is done! Absolutely gorgeous and moving work in this issue. Read More...

Letter from the editor of Turntable Blue + Light






Darkwave Art

by rob mclennan


Paintings & Prints





Blues Poems

Cabinets of Curiosities


Some thoughts on time and acceptance of time, by your faithful editor, Arielle Guy

May 7, 2012


Cut paper



rob mclennan’s Glengarry and C, and Jennifer H. Fortin’s Mined Muzzle Velocity


Jamie Townsend's MATRYOSHKA, Edward Smallfield's Equinox












Cell Poems




Because The Shell Half-Swallowed Her    










Polaroids in Brooklyn


from :Odyssey & Oracle:


[A Triptych for Arielle]

Two Poems

from The Aeneid, Book 1 (parts 1 and 2)


New Issue! Thank you so much to all of you who were so patient....& happy May Day to all of you!






Vinyl's Latest Revolutions


Paintings and Drawings


Five Poems


Five Poems


Poems & Photographs


Four Poems

Poems from Mother Earth 24-27


Four Poems



Five Poems


Five Poems


Seven Poems


Five Poems



from "A Slip of the Pencil and We Begin to Draw a Passage"


translates Friedrich Hölderlin & Charles Baudelaire


Sentinels and the Setting Sun, Photographs


Givers of Bread

Answering the Unanswerable

Happy Spring!

Two new CDs, from Basic Astronomy and Bright Brown

Two Poems

Collaborations from EASY EDEN

Explosions Across the Mean

Poems & Paintings

Three Poems

A Glimpse Inside His Beat-Up Notebooks

Joy Leftow

texts and visuals


Psychedelic Musings & Poems

Five poems from a longer series titled “Metaphors for Miscarriage”

Five Poems from Hearth

Three Valentines & a Pint

Four Poems

by Neil Watson

Tantalizing Tidbits by Juliet Cook and translation by Letizia Merello

Four Poems

Poems, Vispo, and Other Natural Sundries

and Happy birthday, Turntable & Blue Light, 3 years!


Wherewolfe in Europe

Neil Watson returns to Bologna for another marathon session of vintage films at the Il Cinema Ritrovato festival


Carnal Buddha [Rou Shen Pu Sa] by Taiwanese author Zhu Tianwen, from her 1990 book Fin-de-Siècle Splendor [Shi Ji Mo De Hua Li]




Poems & Images






By Duncan Harman.

The Spectacular Miraculous World of Seldon Hunt

Poems and Paintings


The Great American Songbook: A Poem in Four Essays

Tarot, Paintings, Collages and Illustrations

Poems from THE NOTES

Strange Attractor Journal, celebrating unpopular culture

Kris Waldherr's beautiful, wondrous Tarot deck


4 Poems

Poems & Road Signs

Neil Watson visits the world’s foremost festival for restored films, held annually in Bologna, Italy

4 Poems

4 Poems translated from the Turkish by George Messo

by Duncan Harman

Formal Issue 2, One Should Be Sleeping

Curio Exhibits, Posters, and Apothecary Bottles: Artifacts from the Strange World of the Gothic Artist

by G.L. Ford

The World Is Bound with Secret Knots: Meditations on Curio Cabinets and Kircher, the Dreaming Polymath

Artwork & Tattoos



San Francisco, 3/21/07


3 Poems

by Sadie Worth

4 Poems

Most people go to great lengths to conceal their prejudices, and I’m no exception. Bias, therefore, is often like some gastrointestinal disorder: The only evidence there is of it is an occasional noxious emission you try furiously to deny. But I’m going to confess a prejudice I have, because I am trying, with every ounce of open-mindedness and liberality I possess, to rise above it. Okay, here goes. I’ve always hated hipsters.


5 Poems

Gig Posters

6 Poems


Poems in Swedish and English with Artwork

Breaking out after 12 years in the making

The Fillmore, San Francisco, March 2nd and 4th, 2006

San Francisco, March 4, 2006

5 Poems

The Dark, Sweet Psychedelia of Sweden's Finest Export

Kool-Aid, Band-Aids and Dig! Craze: How the Brian Jonestown Massacre can Rock! Your! World!

The Fillmore, San Francisco, November 11, 2005

15 Poems
Translated from the Swedish by Susan Howard

Paintings, Mixed Media and Photomontages

Paintings, Illustrations and Posters

Selected paintings from Daily Bread, Crotches and Vocabulary series

Fuzz, sex, and drugs: the universe of The Cramps

Chris Whitley, 1960-2005


Chris Whitley died Sunday, November 20, 2005, from lung cancer. Our condolences to all his friends and family - and our hearts in melancholy.

As I was watching an Of Montreal show in Los Angeles some months ago, I was inspired with a concept for a film. A space rock opera, wherein groovy interstellar musicians flew their astral bodies around distant solar systems in search of the Eternal Vibration that creates colorful harmonious orgies of reality.

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