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William James Austin is an unrepentant New Yorker. To date he has authored four collections of poetry, essays, and "photopo": 1 Underwor(l)d 2 and 3 Underwor(l)d 4 (S Press); 5 Underwor(l)d 6 and 7 Underwor(l)d 8: Trranstextual (Koja Press); plus the book length monograph, A Deconstruction of T. S. Eliot: the Fire and the Rose (Salzburg University Studies). His “photopo” has been exhibited at the Durban Segnini Gallery in Miami, Gallery 324 in Cleveland, and Tacheles in Berlin, Germany. Both his poetry and poetics have won a number of awards, including an AWP award, two nominations for the Pushcart Prize by Richard Kostelanetz and BLuR: The Boston Literary Review, and a finalist postion in the Allen Ginsberg Poetry Award competition. He is currently Associate Professor of English and Philosophy and the Artistic Director of the Visiting Writers Program at the State University of New York, Farmingdale.

Contact: Austinwja@aol.com

Website: WilliamJamesAustin.com