Catherine Daly



a dream was the artificial reproduction of sound
music made marvelous
over and over again the same song, just like the video, faithful to the studio
recording, no reinterpretation, just a change in acoustics maybe
photography, science and art
recording, analysis
authentic, fidelity
O Come All Ye Faithful
Fido does he bring the leash in his mouth?

the singer enters a room, the room,
acoustically acceptable lab
like a studio
no disturbances
could reach (an audience)
sings to theminspiring?
accelerated intensity
a guy, in a barcalounger, in a pressboard-paneled room
a party of teenagers in someone’s basement
through the record and objective facts

adjoining room
and the cameras capture aspects
of the sound
glitter, light on water
timbre pitch amplitudetone and time

in response to a simple movement of the hand
performance score
the singer is accustomed
to room & audience
live performance
the voice
voice modified by the room
in an adjoining "dead" room
dead – to eliminate



dead room
good room
live sound, sensaround, surround
human eliminated

sound speaking for itself
regardless how
read heard ear era


conclude a phrase

two arms, half-height; at height; palms open, up, elbows akimbo, as if cradling a lyre,
symbol of the lyric; elongated, to the earth, away from earth and toward the sky; crossed;
facing; shaded, walking, turning; oblique to the audience, the dancer’s back (who
dances?); drawn, sinking, inclining, open; leaning, bent, pushed; traveling arched because
aren’t most of us arched or arch? at least our legs, strong, stiff, powerful, sharp, brilliant
beat (rap, rap, rap).


straight body and leg
at right angle
arms in various harmonious positions

straight, outstretched
aligned with third eye

back arm, aligned back
arms forward, one aligned with shoulder
one leg slightly bent


open extended leg to the audience
body leans
arm on back leg extended outward
arm parallel extended leg


support near the audience
arm still extended to the audience


back arched
arm stretched toward the audience
out, away from the body

head toward the audience
diagonally toward the audience
head turned toward the arm
the audience
head toward audience

Nouns off Monterey (Sardines)


hawk hawk gull cloud
gull cloud

gulls rule, gules

a haven for lost birds

purse-seine boat skiff
set lead weights net
cable rings boom tackle turntable

“gills still moving”

sea lakes of milk in purple
wide city

of the throat, kiss
more than blood, my heart’s

creels floats cordage
seiner, chute billowing underwater
phosphorescence of the shoals of fish
wildly beating
“gathering me luminous”


open green mouths

broom suddenly you blaze
scalded by longing “mouth kindles mouth
making a burning flower”

our bodies sheeted with flame

seals, sea lions
flops, barks, and swims

heart’s seal


engines move in fog
machines locked together
do you marvel at the power grid
switched off, hovering
above the fish

seiner hopper cannery
hoses suck ashore
off loaded

one pound oval cans

“small fish packed in rows”

Excerpt from To Delite and Instruct



generalization and cliché
a place you can’t envision (see)
a beach is nearly invisible


Allow the object to inform decisions.
Allow the poem to inform decisions.


Chronology’s tyranny.
Uni-dimensional “meaning.”


Get on the subject.


Writing is difficult and remote.
Censor your ideas: remain concerned with
sounding smart.


Refuse to fictionalize.
Forget about everything but your choices.
Respect a bound between actual
and possible, yet embrace romanticization
and sentiment.


Allow connections between reading
and writing
to escape.


Ignore everything unknown.


Respect homogenizing and leveling
as democracy.


by fatigue
and dissipation.


Write every other day,
every third day,
when lighting strikes.


Technique’s pleasures intimidate.
Technique’s pleasure’s intimate.
Techniques, pleasures intimate.

The Dalys, a family founded in 1963, designed Catherine Daly in 1966. She was introduced on January 28, 1967 (thus she is an Aquarius), though her name and biography are continually expanded. She is a fifteen year post-grad living in the center of Los Angeles, CA, USA, with her family surnames Daly and Burch. Catherine Daly currently uses Olson twins hair glaze purchased at the 99 cents only store, while her sister, Elizabeth Daly, exercises more discretion. While they started out wearing nothing, in the past 25 years, Catherine wears vintage or used couture, while Elizabeth wears modish new clothes. They live a mile from each other, but 2,000 miles from their parents, Dad Tom Daly and Mom Joyce Daly. Their Uncle and Aunt are nearby in Pasadena, and their great-aunt is near the Daly parents. ("Kasia" is a nickname, and the source of the appellation is a maternal Polish relative, not a paternal Irish one.) Kasia is about 20 apples high and weighs about the same as 50 apples, and she has type A+ blood. She is a cookie baker, although her great aunt is a renowned pie expert and Kasia's favorite snack is dark chocolate. Like her mother, she sort of plays the piano. Her favorite color is red; her favorite school subjects are english, math, and music. Kasia has a lot of acquaintances.

With Elizabeth and childhood friend Therese Heimbold, Kasia became acquainted with small items such as coin purses with Kitty on them around the bicentennial, in central Illinois.

"Why doesn't Hello Kitty have a mouth?"

"Hello Kitty speaks from her heart. She is Sanrio's ambassador to the world who isn't bound to one certain language."

Why does Catherine write? She published DaDaDa with Salt Publishing in 2003; that trilogy has now become the first portion of a long project entitled CONFITEOR. Tupelo Press published Locket in 2005.

Catherine Daly's Secret Kitty is downloadable in pdf format from

Her book To Delite and Instruct is available from blue lion books. Her two new books are Paper Craft, available at and Chanteuse / Cantatrice, from factory school (

Her new press is proud to present its inaugural book, Maryrose Larkin's THE BOOK OF OCEAN, found at