Aaron Tieger

3 Poems


to Jess Mynes

Is that even
the date? Head
full of beer after
Grafton St. w/Bill: scenes
plans a couple
for me how many
for him. Thanking him
for everything. Lou
Reed on Delmore
Schwartz: the first
great man I ever
I dunno
about the first but
yeah. Does that sound
like ass-suck fuck
it fuck everything
for the truth. Irony
is dead & I want
to feel serious worried
in love w/sweet birds
of Virgina/flyin
within ya
brings me back to Can
you write a poem
about kittens without
seppuku after? I tellya
I’ll try & if I have
to go die I’ll do it
sincerely &
cheerfully. “Attitude
is everything” the burger sign
warns me. Also
“Please don’t tamper
w/the cook’s buns.”

Something to say

for Tony Robinson and Joe Massey


Way down low where
the streets are littered

think of salad days
look back in anger
as we dance
a narrow


Here comes the stun
you bastards of young
your street is dark &
god knows I’m ready

from out of nowhere
w/the quickness
of a volcano sun

white cross of clouds
black diamond
black sunshine
black planet

I’m coming over
w/the coming of spring

oh language up yours


a word I could not
understand & if
you like to gamble
I tell you I’m your man

now Freddie’s dead
& function
is the key

my eyes are blind
but I can see
one of these words
don’t you understand
the width of a circle
ack ack ack ack
Today your love
heaven knows
it's got
to be this time

Sweet lovely death
I am waiting
for your breath
O sweet death

That plane's for me

Wham bang whiskey cat
gutter sleep persecute
in my little box
oil flashes four couleurs.

My darling my morning
plastic morning darling—
she says to me while pissing
Ooh ooh ooh ooh
"You are the king
of the divan"

Let's hop! Panard! Send
vibrations through the door
vibration ruins empty roof.
Don't wanna hear no
Sonic Youth. I am the king
of the divan.

Let's hop! In quiet
keys! It's not
my planet, not today.
The sky will fall
I'll miss a drink.
Ooh ooh ooh ooh—
he gives me head.

That plane's for me. That plane's
for me. That plane's
for me. Quoi? quoi?
Quoi? Quoi?


Aaron Tieger's most recent chapbook is After Rilke (Anchorite Press, 2006). He lives in Ithaca, NY, where he edits CARVE Poems and co-curates the SOON Productions reading series. He occasionally blogs at aarontieger.blogspot.com.

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