John Moore Williams

Poems, Vispo, and Other Natural Sundries


nighsun-streets flooding (like) a chariot we sleep

with pilgrims under electric sheets of fissure-veined concrete

fray-threaded concatahaoled streets reek

breathing heartdust's blackbrilliant dancing pilgrims beneath wheel made of teeth-gnash Incan-descent of applause breathed with neon,

silver flicker, thinging other thigh of flesheffluvia

cathode surgical flicker synanesthetic

Lethe's blackbrilliant soiled ivory eye, dew-ivory night-moon I swooned – bereft all thinking – your frost leaks through

what breathed of machine brownbean juices sheen on blacktop

graveled wriggling of a larval stag(e) in God left alone to shudder,

die-out flicker-quick parting of kisses made somber,

sagging four cylinder seething satin

stained cuspid of grave - synanesthetic sheen evaporate roman tick core – the secret was in the word, the word remained word

less dark in tharm paunch, sodium-arc earthlight carpet; criticalled skin

nightsun of blacktop bath been dyed gristle-effluvia,

black-writhing from a day-moon too soon

the restive eye closes, Lithe's cresting resonant caverns flood the fan streets liquidsheathed blindpale thing we're all in blue

(sky) (dumb skin rests in black-brilliant drowse. Home is a thought thigh-burned, the night-dahlia halitoic, halogen suspirations limn with applause. Lethe flooding black age myth, smartly boisterous, architectonic despite twilight-

flesh slain, necro-bedazzled. Limbs scabrousleek, emaciation replete that circulates blindblackwriggling gathered with such grace the archetype, hype fraythreaded teethnatch, calculates palething beneath to dis-skin

of blackout urban incandescent

with neon and spittle cool-friction, warm we're

all in on this mechanical rooster strongarm, this pill-grim age.

to-blinking drinking thinking

earthbloodblack leaking

fictive leafgathering.

dancing with Diana's menses the fissureveined concrete under and above

such mechanical Dis-gigling the thought of faces, pleading as palms

the crusty reading grace of all lapping light

of the bedcoat taut-thighed,

burned silver by the satellite)



we’re a jester’s mutant weasel
judiciously marketing its wares
on a jetty marooned
, now,
in wind
jeering mordantly through his
white needle teeth
at no one.
June malicious and weary; far-off

jackals howl in the sheet metal warehouses.


New York

four pillars

of shit

and a hurricane of sooty pigeons

plashing in putrid spectra

of petroleum

sunrise grumbles

up the immense elevation

an old man enamored

of the spiny palms

pricking his fingers

dawn's halo spills over



that have forgotten all

their hellos;

nickels and


pour locust-like

over the orphaned bones

and the first to step


onto the cracked arterials


in the strain

between ulna and


that there'll be no rapture


beneath palm leaves;

they know they are going

toward the light

of the Word

bound inside

the broken spines

of law-books and lotto-tickets,

to the jobs where

the I is

both inter-

changeable and over-


the light here


beneath ash-heaps

and the centenarian groan

of subway trains,

daybreak: barcoded

in barrios and ghettos,

financial districts

and manicured suburbias

the somnolent wander

too weak for another donation.


John Moore Williams is a poet working in visual and verbal strains. He has authored three chapbooks so far: I discover i is an android (Trainwreck Press, 2008), writ10 (VUGG Books, 2008) and, with Matina L. Stamatakis, Xenophoria (forthcoming, 2009). Poems (of various kinds) have appeared (or shall appear) in Shampoo, Otoliths, Word for/ Word, BlazeVox, The New Post-Literate and ditch, among others.