Cindy Savett


Five Poems



contradicting the land


contradicting the land             all there is

          to hold onto



of the intrepid


            pine forests on his edge of time


can he dissect his swollen life

with sticks and boulders                         the serrated

              edge that lies burnt


he scalds his lips on the breathless



on his soles



buried blue


he pastes

black on the wind


evades the reddened

sky               by tethering to his left



I am the weight of a dying breath


we have a timed conversation

        my loud screams of skin

        but his eyes



I try to hold down the ruin


force my eyes away

from the buried



beneath the black

on the wind





his bearded face out of focus


his cracked panes

in the water


his unpolished coat

and he crawls through the night



      along the sharpened divide



of the blade


       revolt on his black




       among the edges


his chains

clamp my eyes






in a throatbone              forbidden

             to quiet

             the night


moonlight dismembered

by his arm


                              the prayer in my mouth


empties his veins

of the simplified dance             wrings his withered heart

            frozen to my hands


returns             his eyes             to absence





the night I flew away

I had bricks on my tongue


         cement cords            

         binding me

         to him


when did he call my name?             transfer the kiss from death

       to the pool?                 


the glue kiss

with swarming blades


the gash of kisses


his tabletop


I am a jewel on the causeway of despair


who blinds me with torches

who orders the wagon-bells             his long fingers

       tapping on my wall


my blinking eyelash


through cement cords


I am become again



Cindy Savett is the author of Child in the Road (Parlor Press, 2007) and Rachel: In the Temporary Mist of Prayer (Big Game Books, 2007). Two chapbooks, one from H_ngm_n Bks and one from Dancing Girl Press, will be out this year. Her poems have appeared in LIT, Dusie, Little Red Leaves, Moira, Word For/Word, No Tell Motel and other journals. She lives with her husband and children on the outskirts of Philadelphia, where she teaches poetry workshops to psychiatric inpatients at several area hospitals.