In your treacherous dives through the murky waters, use this - and never forget your anchor. Below are music, literary, theater/performance, and arts sites, complete with descriptions, and a list of contributors' sites.


Ugly Duckling Presse

UDP is one of the most creative underground presses. They publish beautiful, hand-wrought books and broadsides of poets and artists, translations and lost works. The fine art of letterpress is brought to life in their works on paper. They work with Loudmouth Collective to put on shows and readings as well. Based in Red Hook, Brooklyn, they bring out some of the most interesting and tactile works out there.

Hanging Loose Press

A New York-based press that features a lit magazine, Hanging Loose, and publishes full-length collections of poetry and fiction. Some authors are Sherman Alexie, Joanna Fuhrman, Maggie Nelson, Harvey Shapiro, Jayne Cortez, Ron Overton, Helen Adam, Paul Violi, Charles North, Ha Jin, Morton Marcus, Maureen Owen, Donna Brook, Yukihide Hartman, Jack Anderson and Ed Friedman.

Green Integer

This amazing little publisher carries an assortment of poets, critics and historians, bringing out forgotten jewels of overlooked authors as well as more well-known artists. They have resurrected beautiful, important writings from radio dialogs to philosophy to translations appearing for the very first time in English. A wide range of authors includes well-known and lesser-known writers such as Djuna Barnes, Paul Celan, James Joyce, Federico García Lorca, Rilke, Sappho, Rae Armantrout, Alexe Kruchenykh, Else Lasker-Schüler, Leslie Scalapino, and Gellu Naum, to name only a limited selection.

American Literary Translators Association (ALTA)

Dedicated to the promotion and advancement of the study and craft of translation, translators, and publishers of translated works since 1978. Annual conferences, newsletters, and the journal
Translation Review and its supplement, Annotated Books Received, provide members of this professional association with the latest information in the field of translation.

some great online magazines and more small presses

ahadada books

big bridge




drunken boat


hex presse & womb

ixnay press

la petite zine


pinstripe fedora

tarpaulin sky press

Music & Music-Related

Aquarius Records

Amazing incredibility of ridiculous amounts of dazzling musical madness. The array of sound on here will lead to hours and hours of aural pleasure and dizziness. Okay, maybe not hours, because I had to do some work. I just spent half an hour and 50 bucks and got some of the most breathingly freshest music I've heard in a while. The categories of stoner rock and psych rock are awesome!

This site has the most awesome collection of concert posters ever! You have to check this site out. It holds the work of designers from around the world, for viewing and purchasing and features a forum and classifieds.

22 Pistepirkko

This Finnish band is one of the most interesting and versatile bands I've ever heard. Their music is like a party out in the middle of the ocean, sad, wet, and wavy.

Linda Malmström

A Swedish singer-songwriter, Linda Malmström has a rich, beautiful voice and writes songs that swing between folk, country, and pop and never fail to entrance.


This is the official homepage of this amazing post-psychedelic band. You can access free downloads and a forum as well as photos and all sorts of other strange and lucid crap.

TSOOL (Europe) (U.S.)

The Soundtrack of Our Lives are one of my favorite bands, and these are two sites for both European folks and us here, stateside. You can download songs and get news about the band. Check them out, if you've never heard them - they will rock your world!

Mungler Winslowe Records

Brooklyn-based indie rock on!

Parasol Records

Based in Urbana, Illinois, this mail order site has everything you can't find in your local record store. They specialize in underground labels and carry artists and bands from around the world, as well as featuring their own associated labels. They also carry zines and vinyl.


Oh, come on, you know I had to mention this site. Get a couple shots of bourbon in ya, and cruise through the ornery, metal-spiked reviews without a care in your heart. Regardless of the opinions presented in this king of the online music review mags, or whether or not you agree with them, pitchfork hauls up one of the most comprehensive array of band and artist reviews and features on the web. On the other hand, is pretty interesting, too--and can get you a nice cow!


New York at its best

This site is so freaking hilarious, you could spend days on it and your insides would fall out from laughing so hard. If you don’t live in New York, it gives you a good taste of what living here is like, on a daily basis—well, from a crude and base angle. And if you live here, you can almost hear your morning commute in some of the quotes. Not all of the overheards are funny—they're crass, nasty, and offensive, but man, some of the quotes will make you laugh so hard you'll have tomorrow's coffee spurting out of your nose.

* * *

Amazing Art & Graphics

Madame Talbot's Victorian Lowbrow

This site is a sensory, textural, visual experience - it's like walking into a beautiful, old-time Victorian mansion and getting the grand tour. The spectacular array of gothic-style art and objects is gorgeous and inspiring. Madame Talbot's beautiful, unique vision is present in every poster, curio exhibit, and mourning doll. Visit this dark, lovely site to fulfill your occult decor desires. You can see a showcase of her work here on the site, in the Visuals section.

CJB Productions

This site is chock-full of awesome comic illustrations, galleries of original work and special sections on comic book character and video game character fan art. Visit this site to see the work of a talented comic book artist and a lot of other great features.


Projekt30 is an online gallery that features 30 different and compelling visual artists - painters, photographers, sculptors, as well as other media - every month. This site is beautifully and tastefully done, slick and organic at the same time - an inspiring cyber walk through its gallery halls.

Cara Judea Alhadeff

Some of the most inventive and unique photographs I have ever seen, Cara Judea combines the human form with organic light and materials to create surreal, yet somehow breathtakingly real still cinemas. The art of the beautiful expressed in naked, emotional landscapes that encompass several realms in one scene.

Contributors' Sites

Christopher Molaug

Michael Berryhill

Magnus Larsson

Bruce New

Lisa Salamandra

William James Austin

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