Anne Gorrick




Folio #4 - August 6, 2009

crystalline fogged s himmer



Fragments / of  / Houston S treet

his comments / were / experimental

even / the flagstones / almost / fainted

big paintings / punctuate / the body

figurative / a passing car / literalness / recoils from memory

in 90-degree rotation / color-coded / the line of her inquiry / bolder in pictorial

a / mirror reversal / light snow

mathmatical / fuguelike

sequences arranges / blotted schemas

“by gridding the pictorial field  / into sequences of boxes”

she is a thin fall of snow / splayed

allover / optical / dazzle

the complete lack on meaning / overlaps / in passing cars

her degraded replication / he is rarely discussed / recurrently

more garrulous / by contrast / numbered




Folio #5 - August 7, 2009

Nestled in the lower right corner



handmade / mechanical / intervention

in a flickering / manipulated / in solvent

the / most coherently

process and subject / the veneer of touch

44 of him / laying face down

caught in their / pers onal asides

time-capsule / astronaut s / clearer than Dante

each / fragment / without sentimentality

strobelike / magazine clippings

her postcards / her windstorms / sheen in a manner

words caught in / o’hara

“grenades wanted” / delicacy invades

men in suits / sprinkled / in the margins

map / orbit / free-ranging or thw art

the purchasable / stands in / for the artist



R&F Reds





Anne Gorrick is a poet and visual artist.  She is the author of I-Formation (Book 2) (Shearsman Books, Bristol, UK, 2012), I-Formation (Book 1) (Shearsman, 2010), and Kyotologic (Shearsman, 2008).  She collaborated with artist Cynthia Winika to produce a limited edition artists’ book, “Swans, the ice,” she said, funded by the Women’s Studio Workshop in Rosendale, NY and the New York Foundation for the Arts. 

She curates the reading series Cadmium Text, which focuses on innovative writing from in and around New York’s Hudson Valley (  She also co-curates the electronic poetry journal Peep/Show with poet Lynn Behrendt (, which is a “taxonomic exercise in textual and visual seriality.”

Images of her visual art can be found here:

Anne Gorrick lives in West Park, New York.