Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino





Decoration Day


going, and sounding, how, gathering

and again


a putting into place, a following

or similar.  A


turning back, to an end.  In arrival

or disposition


in measure, in picture

are several, having one, and, role


according, as, is an end. 

As high is far or near, or, save to say


in such a case, are all, are, similar

Are all, are, an end


and so on.  And ever so, to

part or like.




Blue Glass


or, the less, how less.  the hand can see. 

certain prejudices or disturbances,


in theme and in rehearsal.  the hand can see. 

in kind and in degree,


certain tools and purposes, in pairs or in threes

hidden, and in kind.  And visited, the one. 


out of number, or rub, or band or bese

the tendency. 


enough, or, inasmuch.  And visited, the one. 

and how, the hand can see, to spare and to return


the color

to rise, or, proper to.  to rise or to surpass


and how,

in demonstration, the point is to the line






by fiat, or consent

a, redemption, or, liberation


the, goings and comings of locations

the, knowing of a kind


both resident and remote. 

or, that of two, one should arrive. 


in silence, in ceremony

both resident and remote. 


the figure of a wheel. 



one’s intended.  destination. 




the exile, in hospital


the exile, in studio

the exile, in shepherd






of one to one, is said



epic letters

are come to rescue said assertions


one above and one below

to the left, or


face to face

but do not be, a pair, a


parallel and unexpected giving, to



in belief

as late as, so, to, merits an assertion, runs


in unexpected pairs, in relations



as in relations.



in relation, or alike.

And so to cease, or parry.


so, to, cease or closet or border a routine



length, but do not be, a pair

a parallel and unexpected giving, to



in belief






in hand, or, to receive

any person, at all


and so,

sufficiently able.  Day



wishing to take on, himself


of others,

with affection, and the future.



in a prosperity


those, who are at variance

and partly to befall


an invective

whatever lies, we can from those who know


is not concealed

but as it is, and it is, from anywhere


it will be

that it is.  Mannahatta


admit the bearer

to understand, each thing, is


we know nothing

but according to, and of, but according to


and of, those, upon

of that upon, those, or, how


and in one’s own, book

sounding, again, impossible book


A rod or hook or sleeve

for, it is, how, to doubling, and halving


such as arises, after

or, such as setting out, by lot


are given

or by lot, by toss, and sleeve.  And so


sufficiently able

and virtue can, or cannot, serve as dicast




Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino writes at his blog, The Postmodern Romantic, and edits the online poetry journal, E·ratio.