Happy Halloween!

and Happy birthday, Turntable & Blue Light, 3 years!

In the scheme of things, three years is pretty young. Over the last three years, though, I have found editing this magazine to be an amazing, wonderful experience. The enriching work that has gone into this joint effort has been far more than a mere three years in time. The people I have met and their work have continued to inspire me and make the long days and nights of blinding uploading and staring at the computer screen so long, it turns into some sort of psychedelic animal, worth it.

Thank you so much to all of you!

In this , the second Halloween issue, appear, ghoulishly and not so ghoulishly:

Poetry by:

Mark Lamoureux
Brooklyn Copeland
Andy Gricevich
Gunther Stephan
Joy Leftow
David Hadbawnik
Amy King
J. Michael Wahlgren

Europe blog by:

Nancy Wolfe

Poetry & Images by:

Søren Waast

Translation of Zhu Tianwen by Kevin Hsu

Duncan Harman reporting from Glasgow on the dismal state of bagpipes and shoutyness

Tattoos & Paintings by:

David Cavalcante

Neil Watson's article on Il Cinema Ritrovato Festival

My editorial, The Beautiful Dark and Quiet of Nonthought

~Thank you all, much gratitude to you!~