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Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino

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Chris Martin

Susana Gardner

John Pluecker

Aaron Tieger

Michael Schiavo

Nate Pritts

Jess Mynes

Vincent Zompa

Julie VanDore

Jenn McCreary

Pēteris Cedriņš

Michael Ford

David Hadbawnik

May 1st, May Day

Natalia Pierandrei

Duncan Harman

Vernon Frazer

Justin Neely

Carley Moore

Cindy Savett

David Tomaloff

Whit Griffin

Adam Fieled

Daniel J. DioGuardi

Mark Lamoureux

J.P. Dancing Bear

Mark Terrill

Matthew Hittinger

Christopher Rizzo

Robert Huddleston

Marysia Wojtaszek

Allan Stevo translates Milan Rúfus

Look at Beautiful Things

Issue for May Day

Some Summer Music

Michael Schiavo

Micah Ballard & Patrick James Dunagan

Francis Raven

Anjan Sen

Kyle Schlesinger

Jason Mashak

Washington Heights Is Home

Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

Andy Nicholson

Robert Chrysler

Mackenzie Carignan

Simon Pettet

rob mclennan

Andrew Lundwall

Back to Futurism

Juliet Cook

Paul Siegell

John Moore Williams

Happy Halloween!

Joy Leftow

Nancy Wolfe

Cinema under the sun

Andy Gricevich

Kevin Hsu ~ translation of Zhu Tianwen

J. Michael Wahlgren

Gunther Stephan

David Hadbawnik

Søren Waast

Amy King

Mark Lamoureux

Brooklyn Copeland

David Cavalcante

Of Coldplay, bagpipes, and obscure shouty music from dismal places.

Seldon Hunt

Henry Denander

Matina Stamatakis

Chris McCreary

Claudio Parentela

Logan Ryan Smith

The Most Magnificent of Wonders Is Us

The Lover's Path Tarot

Ken Vallario

Francis Raven

New Work from Karl-Erik Tallmo

Il Cinema Ritrovato – a couchsurfing experience

William Allegrezza

Birhan Keskin

Louder Than Bombs – A Eulogy for a Record Store

April 14th, 2007

Madame Talbot's Victorian Era Dead


Athanasius Kircher & the Cabinet of Curiosity

Sunny Buick

William Watkin

Catherine Daly

Kiiiiii Thrills the Rickshaw Stop

Tim Lane

Aaron Tieger

Magnet 659

Whit Griffin

Anti-Hipster Manifesto

William James Austin

Jason Bredle

Poster Art

Julien Poirier

Ellen Hoffman

Karl-Erik Tallmo

Snow Patrol


The Polysics Rock the Café du Nord

Jenna Cardinale

The Soundtrack of Our Lives

The Brian Jonestown Massacre

My Morning Jacket

Lars Gustafsson

Bruce New

Magnus Larsson

Lisa Salamandra

Rock Gets Fucked Up

Two reviews: Chris Whitley Soft Dangerous Shores

Brian Eno Another Day on Earth, Hannibal Records, 2005






Darkwave Art

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Some thoughts on time and acceptance of time, by your faithful editor, Arielle Guy

May 7, 2012