Linda King

what you know is this



truth is a personal interpretation

despite the sad news

about old friends


no speaking beyond language

and yet you depend upon small moments

angels buckle your shoes


your conclusions are blood stained

the asp listening for the flute

you were the daughter who left a daughter


                                                                        the still center

                                                                        state of perpetual impermanence

                                                                                            water filled with water


every darkness is a night

that hides the weight of objects

face on the clock    words that write you


the subject is blue science

the white in-between

of letters


it’s like belling the cat

or glass words




Linda King is a Vancouver, BC poet whose work has been published in literary journals in Canada and internationally.  She is the author of Dream Street Details (Shoe Music Press, 2013) and a second collection Reality Wayfarers (also from Shoe Music Press) is forthcoming in 2015.