Anne Gorrick

This is a poem, you dumbass


This is a poem about what to do if you find yourself in a Fairy Tale

It’s about restlessness and freaks

It’s a machine made of words

This is a poem that heals fish

It’s sometimes about palindromes like: “A dog! A panic in a pagoda!” or “Ah,

          Satan sees Natasha”




This is a poem about cutting and being predestined for fame

This is a poem that Follows the Rules.

It’s about the dangers of rewards

It reinforces the sense of trembling on the brink of some obscure revelation

This is a poem that’s got enormous mouth-joy, one that can be used to describe

          any character, setting, idea or concept found in literature




This is a poem that starts out sounding like a nice poem about nature and maybe

           love, and then it becomes about how God views sex

This is a poem called a pyramid and as you can see it's set out in the shape of a


It asks isotopes to remain still

and because it’s a poem, for once, I don't have to be rigorously accurate.

This is a poem for my boyfriend (well, kinda about him), and how we’d spend the

          perfect Christmas Eve




This is a poem I wrote about a stalker and stalking. Please enjoy!

This is a poem that is consistently placed in literary anthologies

I recently wrote this poem, what do you think?

This is a poem-writing orchard.  There are missing details.  It is also self-


This is a poem about girls who like boys who like cats and wear glasses— the

          boys, not the cats. This is a poem about girls

This is a poem hedged with razor wire




This is a poem about a man leaving his wife

This is a poem that knows how to make use of nothing

This is a poem, not a song

This is a poem, not by me

It can fit neatly into the most hectic of schedules, one that you could leave

         around the house in absolute confidence




When you submit a poem for publication: Here are a few classic poems that don't

get accepted: Parochial, I've-got-no-money 'bed-wetter' poems; self-consciously poetic this-is-a-poem poems; poems that describe Bishop's periodic visits to Ezra Pound in St. Elizabeth’s Hospital where Pound was institutionalized

This is a poem that George wrote in his frustration about the regulations forced

            on the shrimp industry

This is a poem about drinking scotch

It’s not a bedtime story

This is a poem without you in it




This is a poem I made around a Japanese myth about a bird-faced child

It’s also about my obsession with a Hollywood celebrity

This is a poem about fruit and sin and forgiveness

It’s also about duplicity

It could even be about a pair of Patagonian penguins.




This is a poem I wrote about overcoming addiction

It’s about the itch, not the scratch

It’s about plum flowers, petals falling everywhere too fast

It’s about notation

This is a poem created by appropriating the appropriator

This is a poem for people who find life excessively vivid




This is a poem for a small and skeptical audience

It’s about vajazzling AND Paul Celan

and how forbidden things become attractive

It’s also about memory and history and what survives, what escapes, what 


This is a poem about what causes poems like this to be written, and how they fall

           to the ground as ash