Gregory St. Thomasino

5 Poems

The Blue Bedroom

plaster, sand and glue
and entries under crowding

possess it, of its own
is circular

purposes, of its own, is not done, but due

what has to cause itself to act.

taken, by, or, a collection,
the unanimity of crowding,

and above or properly consensus.
in the cup,

sand and glue.

the systems of the lens
systems of the eye, or mirror

point-for-point or plan or see

a tendency, or speaking
sought or sake or plan or see

being not guided
is what is to ought or is or in or all

any given end,

after lucidity, and jangle
and compilation


to looking, or seeing, most nearly
or gladly

in some but not all.
or during absence, an injury, say.

regarded as and are but more often
are whether,

and may or may not be Dora
walking on point.

or nearly always not known in any detail.
to cure, to study

what is there
or else the state, resulting from these

to become or to believe, in refusal
by writing out

of so, that one is both, one being both
can she be hello, to you


less than stirrups
a loop or ring, has, with it, anew

covered by a glove

some season
any season or great lawn

of this
little in us remains, of epaulettes

busbies on march

A saddle
or to guide, or to current or to spare

a rider’s foot
the shift in fife, can help to

a record, of, to set forth, avocations


says of her estate
and for to witness, or out of him

and want of practice
or to design, for clarity

seated on a ladder
tells her part your hair, Naomi

saying too
or where in addition is used

or how the life
the life of him who with his own

who with his own is satisfied
is satisfied and in a word, is spun

intended to, a sop
to ease, a sop or hands or taffy

or else, and like him
of crisis, of emptiness

one can cast aside
in this or ceasing to be

Sic Vita

in a now or in a not
each so is once, to say

or was
when such are only so

and ever so
is to increasingly applied,

applied as we to once or say
that one can say, in every doubt

in every doubt, that one can say
or when by means or to or in or only so,

likely so
the close relation of the two

when left and right
are left and to the right

when such are so and later one
and later one is up or so

for now, or when to say
to say by means or once or only so

Thanks go to Sidereality, Shampoo, Blackbox, and Moria.

Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino was born in Greenwich Village, New York, and was raised in both the city and in the country across the Hudson River in New Jersey. He was educated at home, eventually to enter Fordham University where he received a degree in philosophy. Today he lives in Brooklyn Heights, New York, where he edits the online journal, eratio, and works as a private docent.