Thibaud Thiercelin

Paintings from Valentin c'est moi


20 x 16 inches

Bon Anniversaire

Image 1b.jpg

Monsieur Machine

Image 3b.jpg

Sur la frontière

Image 4b.jpg


Image 7b.jpg

Dans ma chambre

Image 8b.jpg

66 x 66 inches

Mommy at war

Image 1e.jpg

Le ciel tombé sur la tête

Image 2e.jpg

Dans le bleu du ciel

Image 3e.jpg


Image 4e.jpg

12 x 24 inches


Image 2a.jpg

The rabbit behind the tree

Image 8a.jpg

24 x 12 inches


Image 5a.jpg

Waiting for the bus

Image 6a.jpg

Thibaud Thiercelin was born in Chatou, France. He is a self-taught painter who has exhibited regularly since 1987. He created the Atelier Lasson in 1993 and co-founded group “144” with whom he has participated in group exhibitions of public art outdoors. Artist-in-residence at the Arts Council of Princeton since February 2004, this most recent series of his work, "Valentin c'est moi" has just been exhibited in a solo show at the Bernstein Gallery of the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University. Over 250 of his pieces can be found in private collections around the world and he continues to exhibit his work regularly throughout Europe and the United States.