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Lackluster, Queshi and Tatsu


Lackluster - Zero Million Barrels Of Oil Per Day (mtk153)

Single song release, 9:52

Minimal idm/ambient, soothing strings/organ blend, hypnotic rhythm. After 1/4 of the song, a harsh industrial beat kicks in and out, then the song turns a bit more harsh. There is a nice blend of “cold” and “warm” sounds – then after about halfway through, a new harsh industrial beat kicks in. The song sounds a bit digital/spaced-out towards then end of the track.


Queshi – The Eudemonic Homunculus (mtk154)

Atmospheric, melodic, instrumental space lullaby electronica. Queshi delivers a unique, refreshing sound while maintaining an enjoyable form of electronica, attaining a sound that you rarely ever hear in electronic music. This is not quite the music to blare while cruising with your homies, it is something people from ages 8-80 are likely to enjoy, very peaceful and original music that will soothe you in new ways. Queshi is positive, warm music, for the most part, uplifting. Take forty minutes out of your life and experience something new, listening to this stellar Monotinik release.

Favorite tracks: 3, 5, 7, 9

Track by track

Moshi Moshi Qeshi -
Pleasant little space lullaby, nice beat, very unique, positive-sounding music.
Islanddryad -
More unique Queshi, nice warm melody and a pleasant beat.
Nightly Hedped Promenade -
Catchy rhythm and melody, nice stereo mixing.
Tulip Litt -
A bit down tempo, atmospheric.
Kumo -
Down tempo, very melodic and rhythmic, nice bass line.
Take Care of Your Onaka -
Nice sampling, and stereo mixing, quicker tempo.
Seijin O Asobe -
Upbeat melody and rhythm, nice buildup.
Nattskimmerfly -
Slow initial buildup, down tempo, warm.
Vilda Och Delfinen -
Reggae-esque intro, nice breaks, perfect track to end the album with.


Tatsu – August (mtk152), 40:49

Six-song EP. Instrumental synth electronica. Very melodic and warm music. Well put together. Lots of nice breaks, fantastic buildup and release. This music is perfect for relaxing and chilling at home. Nice use of 909/808 drum sounds. Recommended to anyone who likes relaxing electronica.

Favorite tracks: 1, 4, 5

Track by track

Stillness/Introspective ME -
Nice warm, soothing, relaxing solo synth piece, no percussion.

Sky and Sea/Daytime Dream -
Same soothing synth, but this time, nice little accompaniment of rhythm (think 909/808) – then the beat stops and restarts a few times, smooth, subtle finish,

Highland/Glass and Mountains -
Nice beat and synth intro, busier with synths than the first two tracks.

Evening/Setting Sun -
Nice, catchy beat, pleasant synth, nice slow buildup.

Deep and Calm/Falling Asleep -
Nice change of pace with different percussion sounds, with added samples, along with the same soothing music of the preceding tracks.

Memories of Summer/Goodbye August -
More of a “dance” beat, nice piano piece, sounds a bit like Robert Miles.

-Christopher Molaug

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