Monotonik and Friends, Beak's El Hacedor

Monotonik is a family of netlabels that produces high-quality electronica. Being a netlabel, they do not sell their music, but release it exclusively on the internet under a creative commons license to be downloaded. Netlabels are quite possibly the best place to acquire music from the internet - legal and free.

It seems the music is better from netlabels than commercial labels due to the fact that they are not motivated by money, and, in turn, have the focus on the music, not potential mass acceptance and sales.

Netlabels are a recent addition to the music industry, using the creative commons copyright to very specifically indicate what the legal copying, distribution, and derivative capabilities are. Internet labels host music on the internet and promote free downloading of their music, as opposed to the traditional album making and selling process. Netlabel artists rarely make money on their music - their main goal is the integrity of music.

The Monotonik family has a few different aspects to it. There is the primary label, Monotonik, which is mostly idm and idm derivatives, with releases from 1999-2005 - and going strong. Then there is Mono211, which is noted as a breakbeat Monotonik sub label, with releases from 1999-2003 (this sub label seems to have slowed down after 2003). Next, there is Mono, a mod Monotonik sub label, with mod files from 1996-1997 (sounds a bit dated, but people dig it). Mod files are music files that were created on Amiga computers in the early stages of digital music. There is a strong internet cult following for mod files that keeps the music alive. Lastly, there is Monoraveik (mono rave ik) a special for Subi's 'break beat classics'. I am not quite sure who Subi is or what the music sounds like, but given the fact that Monotonik created a special sub label for Subi, it must be good.

Overall, Monotonik has a special place on the internet and in the music scene. All of the Monotonik releases have a nice little descriptions/reviews for each download, so you don't waste your time downloading some mystery music you have never heard before. I recommend downloading any or all of the Monotonik family's music, as you will notice there are certain quality standards that Monotonik maintains.

I have been a fan of Monotonik's music since Beak released their Amoral Mayor Earwig EP (mtk136). Since then I have downloaded several EPs from their site, and have yet to be disappointed. Some of my favorites are: Beak - Amoral Mayor Earwig EP (mtk136), Beak - El Hacedor EP (mtk150), Qeshi - The Eudemonic Homunculus (mtk154), and Bliss - Life On The Rooftop (mtk108). With Monotonik, there is hope for high-quality, free music on the internet.


Beak - El Hacedor (mtk150)

Beak is a netlabel artist on Monotonik, added to the netlabel family in early 2003.

While this 3-track EP is a very short compilation, it is just as sweet as it is short. El Hacedor is a very well polished mix of Spanish guitar and idm beats, with build-up and release that will send you in search for more. While Beak's last EP (Amoral Mayor Earwig EP (mtk136)) was an extremely wonderful EP, El Hacedor tops it, with more eloquent sounds and mixing. While the intense emotion conveyed by Beak's wonderful guitar and well-crafted beats brings forth new sensations on El Hacedor, beware not to get addicted, as there is nothing else like it—once you have heard all of Beak's music, you will jones for more. El Hacedor will no doubt be another treasure from Beak for the underground electronica heads to enjoy.

Track by track
Starts off with very Spanish-like guitar, leads into nice idm beats, finishes off into a nice little buzz.
2-The Maker
Nice, slowly finger-picked Spanish guitar, some nice complementing samples, very subtle beat, very airy feeling.
3- He Descended Into His Memory
Quick finger-picking, beats lead right in, nice tight rhythm, somewhat sudden end.

- Christopher R. Molaug

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