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October 2005

@ San Francisco’s Warfield Theater
October 26, 2005

Salsa dancing in London, Barcelona, Cologne, Copenhagen, Vienna...Düsseldorf, Madrid, and Göteborg...

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From The Trapeze Diaries

Selected paintings from Daily Bread, Crotches and Vocabulary series

Or, How a Working-Class Singer from Dublin Taught This Middle-Class Girl from Virginia to Never Take Music Lightly Again



ON PEOPLE (observations)

Dungen, September 15th, 2005, Bowery Ballroom, NYC
Ta Det Lugnt, Subliminal Records

Former Dischord Records partners in crime, Supersystem, (members of El Guapo) open things up for the final Washington, DC showcase of its kind at the Knitting Factory. September 20, 2005 marks Q and Not U's final concert in New York City.

The Posies headline a night of power pop to remember. September 29, 2005, Bowery Ballroom, NYC.

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Joe's Pub, New York, September 12, 2005

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Fuzz, sex, and drugs: the universe of The Cramps

featuring reviews of: The Queers, M. Ward, Sufjan Stevens
...with More to Come!

The pop-punk band Nerf Herder scored a minor radio hit and a major label recording contract in 1996 with the amusing ode "Van Halen." The three members of the band, including singer/guitarist Parry Gripp, also scored a free lunch in my college cafeteria, where I interviewed them for the school newspaper. I used my own meal plan credits to pay, but I refused to comp their road manager, who was forced to shell out the eight bucks.


Not many bands can do rollickingly haunted, pull off emotional literacy or make such odd juxtapositions work in brilliant ways the way The Decemberists can.

Chris Whitley, 1960-2005


Chris Whitley died Sunday, November 20, 2005, from lung cancer. Our condolences to all his friends and family - and our hearts in melancholy.

Monotonik is a family of netlabels that produces high-quality electronica. Being a netlabel, they do not sell their music, but release it exclusively on the internet under a creative commons license to be downloaded. Netlabels are quite possibly the best place to acquire music from the internet - legal and free.

I will never stop buying records. Vinyl pretty much trumps all. It's imperfect, scratches easily, skips if you walk too hard across the floor, and gets bent in your old dank living room or basement or wherever you've forgotten about it. But then you pull it out and it's like being 13, only without the braces and without the dyed goth hair and hot pink lipstick.


If you are not familiar with Phil Elverum, he is Mount Eerie and has been The Microphones (K Records). He also puts out his own records now under the label P.W. Elverum & Sun. I could get pretty long-winded about this record because it really touched me with its vulnerable tones. So if you don't feel like reading all this, just know that this album is very unique and might give you chills.

As I was watching an Of Montreal show in Los Angeles some months ago, I was inspired with a concept for a film. A space rock opera, wherein groovy interstellar musicians flew their astral bodies around distant solar systems in search of the Eternal Vibration that creates colorful harmonious orgies of reality.

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4 Poems

One thing is immediately clear when listening to The Most Serene Republic's debut album, Underwater Cinematographer: these guys have tried very hard to write some original songs.